5 Facts That Will Motivate You To Work Out

5 Facts That Will Motivate You To Work Out

Confession time: I don’t always want to work out. 

Even though I’m a fitness and health coach whose entire career is about staying in shape, there are days I just want to sit on my couch and chow down on junk food. 

It happens to all of us! And in those moments, I try to remind myself of some core truths that will motivate me to get up and get moving.  So save this article and read it next time you find yourself struggling to work out. 


Working out regularly reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

If you’re at that place in your life where you barely want to sit up on your couch, let alone workout then you should absolutely workout. 

Consistent regular exercise — which could be as low-impact as taking a 30 minute, slow-paced walk every day — can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms and improve your mood. Double points if you get your movement outside, giving your body a much needed dose of mood-boosting Vitamin D. 


Working out regularly reduces stress. 

Feel like your brain is always running a mile a minute? Give it a chance to rest and hit the gym! 

When we’re focused on movement and our bodies, we get out of our heads. This leads to more contentment, less acne, less bloating, and a better sense of wellbeing. 


Working out regularly increases your immunity. 

If you hate getting sick, workout! Regular exercise has been found to rid your airways of the bacteria that causes colds. It also kicks your body into high gear to produce more antibodies, which fights off common illnesses. 


Working out regularly increases your self-esteem. 

This isn’t just about feeling good because you look good (even though you will). When you make a promise to yourself and keep it, you feel more confident that you’ll continue to keep promises to yourself in the future — both in and out of the gym. 


Working out regularly increases your longevity. 

And finally, regular exercise will help you live longer. A study found that people who were active for at least seven hours a week were 40% less likely to die than those who were active for only 30 minutes every week. 

Even though going to the gym might be the last thing you want to do right now, it will pay off dividends for your health and happiness in the long run. 

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