How To Enjoy [Celebrating/Going Out/A Drink] While Still Losing Weight

Does Drinking Alcohol Derail Your Diet?

So often we associate getting healthy, losing weight and staying fit with having no social life. We think we have to choose between going out with our friends and staying at home to eat yet another plate of grilled chicken and veggies. 

That, my friends, is why diets and restrictive eating never work. They’re straight-up boring. 

You can have a social life — one that involves drinking and eating out — and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You just have to learn how to not overindulge. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by tweaking what you drink. 

While it’s fine to enjoy your favorite extra-large strawberry margarita every now and then, you don’t want to make it your staple adult beverage. Instead, try sipping on one of these skinny alcoholic drinks that will support your weight loss efforts and allow you to have a good time. 


Vodka Soda 

This classic drink is a classic for a reason. Not only can you order it pretty much anywhere you go, but it’s only about 100 calories per drink. Add some lime or lemon to give it a little more flavor. 



This yummy beverage isn’t just for toasting the new year! At only 120 calories per 6-ounce drink, it’s a great alternative to a sugary cocktail. 


A Simple Margarita 

If you order a traditional margarita when you’re out, chances are it’s made with high-calorie sweeteners. Skip all that sugary B.S. (it’s what causes hangovers too, by the way), and ask for a shot of tequila with a splash of triple sec and lime. It’s only 170 calories and tastes just as good as the ones one the menu. 


Gin & Tonic 

Another low-calorie classic, this drink will only cost you 70 calories — so long as you ask for diet tonic water instead of regular. Guess what? It tastes exactly the same, and better if you add a fresh lime. 


White Claw 

Alcoholic seltzers have made it to the mainstream, and we’re not mad about it. At 100-calories per can, these drinks are an easy way to keep your calories low while still having fun. 


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